• November 14
    • Want To Grill Your Turkey-UPDATED

      The first time you grill your turkey, and slice into that golden brown bird slicing into that tender juicy turkey breast, you will never cook a turkey in the oven again.

  • July 13
    • Have a Safe and Fun Labor Day

      Memorial Day and Fourth of July have both come and gone. Back-To-School commercials are now running on TV. That can only mean that Labor Day is right around the corner.

  • March 13
    • Time to Clean your Grill!

      That’s right it is that time of year again, when days are becoming longer and for some of you the snow is melting off. That means it is a good time for you to do some grill maintenance.

  • October 12
    • A Turkey To Give Thanks For

      The leaves in the trees have turned that beautiful fall color. Which means it is time to start planning your holiday meals starting with Thanksgiving.

  • August 12
    • Up for the Challenge – Part Two

      Part Two
      It’s the last week in August and that means the remaining contestants just finished week 20 of the Barbeque’s Galore Grill 32 Challenge, a 32 week challenge to grill a minimum of 5 days a week. Those remaining contestants just won a $250.00 Barbeque’s Galore gift card. Congratulations to all the great contestants that [...]

  • June 12
    • Up for the Challenge

      Part One:
      It’s mid-March when my oldest daughter comes to me and tells me that Barbeques Galore® is having a contest and she thinks I should enter or at least check into it. I was shocked first of all that my daughter knew about this contest and I didn’t. How can this be? Here I am [...]

  • April 12
    • Barbeques Galore Grill 32 Challenge

      This is an invitation for you to follow me as I attempt the Barbeques Galore Grill 32 Challenge. The challenge started on April 1st and will end in 32 weeks which is November 3rd. The winner of the challenge will get a $20,000 BBQ Island from Barbeques Galore. Each contestant has to shoot video showing [...]

  • February 12
    • Big Game Recipes

      Another Superbowl is upon us and this year you are hosting a party for 30 of your best friends and you want this year to top the big party the Smith’s threw last year. You decide that the only way to do that is with the food since there is no way your one 55 [...]

  • December 11
    • 2011 Christmas Gift Ideas

      Here are some holiday gift ideas for the grill master in your life or even your grill master in training.

  • November 11
    • Want to Grill your Turkey?

      Grilling a Turkey isn’t as hard as you may think. And quite possibly could be the best Turkey you have ever had.