Up for the Challenge – Part Two

Part Two

It’s the last week in August and that means the remaining contestants just finished week 20 of the Barbeque’s Galore Grill 32 Challenge, a 32 week challenge to grill a minimum of 5 days a week. Those remaining contestants just won a $250.00 Barbeque’s Galore gift card. Congratulations to all the great contestants that have made it this far. Let’s jump back to where we left off in part one. Week 10, the first milestone in this contest, finds us with about 21 contestants from across the country. We have successfully These remaining contestants have now qualified for a $100 Barbeques Galore® gift card.

Up until this point the contest has been an incredible challenge and it’s not necessarily the grilling, that part has been pretty easy. For me the challenge has been work related. You can probably imagine how much not getting paid a week or two would affect your grilling menu. But can you imagine not being paid for 6 months? Now most of you are probably saying why did you stay so long? And, there have been times when I have asked myself the same question, but the simple answer is I wanted to help out my boss and possibly help save his business. I had actually considered leaving the contest, but my family urged me to continue. Now keep in mind this is just the beginning of June. For the remaining weeks in June, weeks 11 through 13, I stick with the usual grilled items; hot dogs, chicken, smoked sausage, burgers, and the occasional Tri Tip.

July finds us in weeks 14 through 18 of the challenge and July also means the 4th of July holiday, one of the most popular BBQ holidays of the year. For the 4th I decided to smoke some Tri Tip. I usually grill my Tri Tip and have never smoked it before. I smoked 1 Tri Tip roast for 5 hours and it was so good. The grilled Tri Tip is usually good and tender, but this smoked roast was incredibly tender and the flavor was awesome. I have since tried to replicate the tenderness and flavor on my grill, and though I have come close, it is not quite the same.

In addition to to smoked Tri Tip there were some other new or revised meals that I grilled. One of those were Patty Melts, this alternative to the usual burgers came out awesome with the melted cheese and sauteed onions served open face on a toast bread. The other which became an instant favorite with the family was Southwest Chicken Salad which included chicken breasts seasoned with Mrs Dash® Southwest Chipotle seasoning, grilled and then chopped and added to chopped lettuce with black beans, corn, black olives, grape tomatoes; halved, and tossed with El Torito® Cilantro Pepito Caesar salad dressing. This salad became so popular with the family it was requested that I grill this up for our anniversary dinner.

August, which means it’s week 18, we’re more than half way through the 32 week challenge still facing the challenge of coming up with menus on a extremely tight budget, a challenge I am still up for. I keep things going by grilling lots of hot dogs and chicken. Week 20, the next milestone in this challenge the “Grill Master” level, has now come and gone and now I am just waiting for the official notification from Barbeques Galore® that would give us the official contestants list still officially remaining in the challenge and the word on when we can expect our $250.00 gift cards.

That’s it for now, next I will not only give you an update on my progression with the challenge, but I will also share with you some of the “Words of the Day” some of which were quite humorous. Keep those grills hot and clean!!

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