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Up for the Challenge

Part One:

It’s mid-March when my oldest daughter comes to me and tells me that Barbeques Galore® is having a contest and she thinks I should enter or at least check into it. I was shocked first of all that my daughter knew about this contest and I didn’t. How can this be? Here I am some BBQ aficionado, the BBQ Big Dog and grilling website publisher and I didn’t know about this and I was just in a Barbeques Galore store. The fact is the father of my daughter’s boyfriend at the time is the one that brought the contest to her attention. But still, I should have known about this. So, thoroughly embarrassed, I go to the BBQ Galore website and low and behold they are having contest, a challenge if you will, 32 weeks starting on Sunday April 1st until Saturday November 3rd. The rules are simple enough. For 32 weeks the contestant has to use his or her grill for at least 5 days. Each day BBQ Galore will post a “Word of the Day” on their Facebook page. Video tape the contestant using of the grill, incorporating the “Word of the Day” into the video and posting the video on the Barbeques Galore Facebook page. At the end of the 32 weeks a winner is selected from the remaining contestants. The prizes are very nice, each contestant that reaches the 10 week mark receives a $100 Barbeques Galore Gift Card, each contestant that reaches the 20 week mark receives a $250 Barbeques Galore Gift, and all of the Finalists that complete the 32 weeks receives a $500.00 Barbeques Galore Gift Card. The Grand Prize, chosen at random from all of the finalists, is a $20,000.00 outdoor kitchen package.

Those of you that know me are thinking, that shouldn’t too difficult for him he’s always grilling something. And you are right I am always grilling something. But, 5 days a week, is that realistic? I actually had to talk myself into this contest with some gentle pushing from my family, the questions started to go through my mind. Do I grill enough, is this some wicked April Fool’s day gimmick, what will I grill? Well, yes I think I grill enough, and I don’t think it’s a prank based on the website, and I will be able to expand my recipe collection for the website.

The first thing I do after registering for the contest is sit down and write out all of the dishes I can grill, sort like a menu, so we aren’t having Tri-Tip and Ribs every other night. Now don’t get me wrong those are family favorites, but even they would get old after 32 weeks of the same thing. The list is broad with everything from the beloved Tri-Tip to grilled pound cake, some 59 different dishes, including Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetables, Breads, and Desserts. The next thing I do is set-up a You-Tube account to upload my videos to. I then decide to use a calendar to keep track of the words of the day and what I grilled, so we don’t end up eating the same dish twice in one week. Now it’s time to look at the logistics. Do I have enough propane and lump charcoal? Yes, I have half a tank of propane on one grill and three quarters of a tank on the other grill and a full spare tank and one empty tank. I have enough charcoal for the smoker to smoke one large roast or pork shoulder. Now, I just have to sit back and wait for April 1st.

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