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2011 Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some holiday gift ideas for the grill master in your life or even your grill master in training. Everyone enjoys grilling or barbecue would love any of the items listed in this article.

Fire Wire Flexible Skewer

Fire Wire Flexible Grill Skewers are cable type skewer system made from food grade stainless steel. Fire Wire is longer than your average skewer. Available at several of your favorite retailers. The folks at Fire Wire also have a Double Prong Skewer perfect for single servings. The double prong also keeps food from spinning on the skewer. Both skewers are dishwasher and marinade safe.

Oxo 16" Tongs

A good pair of BBQ tongs is always a great gift. Good tongs are one of the most important grilling tools. The best pair of tongs that I have found so far are the Oxo Good Grips 16″ Lockable Tongs. These tongs are sturdy brushed stainless steel with comfortable non-slip handles. The tongs are dishwasher safe and at 16″ long they are perfect for the grill.

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