About Us

Welcome to SoCalGrilling.com. I developed this website as a placeĀ  where I can, along with others that share my passion for BBQ and grilling, share all information related to BBQ and grilling and not simply a website full of recipes. I don’t consider myself an expert so much as someone who loves grilling and BBQ. I was a BBQ consultant for DCS Grills before they moved their operations to New Zealand. With that said, this website is dedicated to all BBQ and grilling enthusiasts. Now, whether you occasionally toss a burger on the grill or you are a grillmaster heavily involved in BBQ competitions, my hope is that we have something to offer you.

Each week, with your help, we will offer you informative articles, the latest in tools and gadgets, an event calendar, and delicious recipes. As for the your help part, we will want to hear from you. We want your feedback on articles and recipes and suggestions for future articles. We also would like you to share with others your time and money saving tips and tricks in addition to your favorite BBQ/grilling recipes for us to try and possibly post on the site. Have a BBQ/grilling problem or question? Send it to us and we will try to find the answer or solution. The Event Calendar will list different BBQ events going on in any given month around the U.S. If you have an upcoming event send us the event information (date, time, location, cost, etc…) and we will post it on the events calendar.

We hope you enjoy the website and we look forward to hearing from you.